2012 Mercedes S-Class Future Tech: “Magic Body Control” Sees the Road Ahead

2012 Mercedes S-Class Future Tech: “Magic Body Control” Sees the Road Ahead

One of the new technologies set to debut in the 2012 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is called Magic Body Control.

As good as current high-tech suspension systems are, reacting in milliseconds and predicting what’s ahead based on driver inputs, Magic Body Control will actually see the road. Utilizing two cameras to scan the road it can compensate surface irregularities milliseconds before the car encounters them. The cameras scan the area 15 to 45 feet in front of the car, and can detect and measure imperfections as small as 0.4 to 0.8 inches at speed of up to 80 mph.

Another technology set to debut on the new S-Class (complete with it’s own trademark three part Mercedes name) is Magic Light Control, which adds full LED headlamps with light levels that vary with speed, weather and steering angle.

The 2012 S-Class is reported to be offered in four body styles, including both a coupe and a convertible.

[Source: Car Magazine]

  • Ryan

    I wonder what the reliablity on this system would be like.. but I know the S Classes ride quality will best that of any Rolls Royce or Bentley sold today while delevering stellar handling!


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