2012 Mercedes S-Class to Gain Coupe, Covertible Variants

2012 Mercedes S-Class to Gain Coupe, Covertible Variants

Mercedes-Benz is secretly working away on an all-new flagship S-Class, not to mention several models that will evolve from it. In total, the 2012 S-Class is expected to be offered in at least four different versions, including both a coupe and a convertible.

An S-Class Coupe is really no surprise, as Mercedes has offered the CL for years based on the S-Class platform. For 2012 it will follow a similar plan to the CLK (integrating it into the E-Class lineup as the E-Class Coupe), with Mercedes deciding to axe the CL badge in favor of the S-Class Coupe name. This will help give it a more up-market vibe (not that it doesn’t already have one), so that high-powered and ultra expensive AMG versions can compete more squarely with the likes of the Bentley Continental GT.

As for a convertible S-Class, Mercedes has been toying with the idea since it debuted the Ocean Drive Concept in 2007.

The final two models will both be sedans, with a short wheelbase and long wheelbase option, although the long wheelbase S-Class may only be offered in North America.

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