2012 Toyota Prius v Gets Improved 42-MPG Average Fuel Economy

2012 Toyota Prius v Gets Improved 42-MPG Average Fuel Economy

After first introducing the Prius v at the Detroit Auto Show in January, Toyota has now released complete specifications on the new hybrid wagon with one important change; the car’s fuel economy. Back at Detroit, execs said they expected the car to achieve a 42/38-mpg (city/highway) fuel economy rating with a combined 40-mpg number. Toyota has since upped that for the production model by 2-mpg across the board, meaning it is now rated at 44/40-mpg for an average fuel economy rating of 42-mpg.

Apart from cars like the fully-electric Nissan Leaf or the Chevy Volt, the Prius v ranks just behind the new 2012 Civic Hybrid (44-mpg combined) and the original Prius (50-mpg combined) and is tied with the Lexus CT200h.

Pricing has yet to be released but Toyota has said the Prius v will retail for a few thousand above the normal Prius liftback model, which starts at $24,520. Despite reports that is has been delayed, the Prius v will hit dealers this Fall.

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