856,000 GM SUVs Under Investigation For Faulty Fuel Gauges

856,000 GM SUVs Under Investigation For Faulty Fuel Gauges

Federal regulators are investigating 865,000 General Motors SUVs, including the 2005-’07 Chevrolet Trailblazer and Buick Rainier,for faulty fuel gauges that are inaccurate. The 2005-’06 Chevrolet Trailblazer EXT, the 2005-’07 GMC Envoy, the 2005-’06 GMC Envoy XL and the 2005-’07 Saab 9-7X are also affected vehicles being investigated.

668 complaints regarding the vehicles having defective fuel gauge readings have been filed already. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said, “One complaint alleged a vehicle crash after the vehicle stalled while exiting the interstate, became disabled and was struck from behind.” A preliminary evaluation has been filed, which is sometimes a precursor to a formal recall.

[Source: Inside Line]

  • Darcy

    Finally! I have had this issue for a couple of months. I have to keep tabs on how much gas I put in, because I cannot afford to repair it right now. I hope the result will be a recall. Wish I knew how to register a formal complaint. I’m sure the numbers are much higher and some people like me don’t know where to complain.

  • Sara

    Yes! Apparently this is a widespread problem! Went searching for a fuse box diagram for other things and came across this – how ridiculous that it should happen to so many and nothing from GMC! Thought I was the only one carefully monitoring fuel levels manually because the darned ‘Empty’ light is ALWAYS on!! Its dangerous, scary, and something needs to be done!

  • pete

    Nice to see they might do something. But the letter I got from GM last week said they’ll pay 50 % of the cost. 100% would sound alot better to me.

  • Beyene

    I got a letter too. What a joke? It says 50% will be covered by owner. I find it absurd. No regad for customers and their safety.

  • Brenda

    Got my letter yesterday about GM paying 50%. Does it take a class action lawsuit for them to realize a recall is needed? My Trailblazer has 56,000 miles on it but it shouldn’t matter if it had 100,000 miles, they should still cover the cost of “faulty equipment”

  • Brenda

    Got my letter yesterday from GM saying they would cover 50% of the cost.Does it take a class action lawsuit for them to realize a “recall” is in order? My trailblazer has 56,000 miles on it but it wouldn’t matter if it had 100,000 miles, GM should still cover the cost of faulty equipment.

  • Beyene

    What have we done that we are told to pay 50%? Buy a GM faulty product? what are they thinking?

  • Beverly

    I did the same thing thinking I could change a fuse and the problem would be corrected. It is not a good feeling to put gas in your vehicle and not know when you need to add more, especially riding with small children. I agree regardless if this his happening to every GMC owner, this issue should be considered a recall.It appears they are aware they have this problem by sending out the letter, so why make customers pay for a faulty part intalled by your company.There has to be something else we can do.Our complaints should start with GMC.

  • bob

    Received my letter from GMC today. We have an ’05 Envoy and have had it in the shop with this problem twice. First time was Aug. ’06 to a GMC dealership where it was repaired under waranty, no charge. Happened again in Oct.’09 and was told it was out of waranty and we would have to pay to have it replaced. Took the car to local repair shop and had it repaired. Parts and labor 659.95. GMC apparently knew this problem existed for quite some time and failed to notify it’s customers. This is the last GM product I’ll ever buy !!

  • amy

    i received the same letter. Im furious, why should I pay for their faulty product?? I already sent GM an email, I hope everyone else does the same. This is ridiculous, and I don’t even see how legally they can get away with this. Running out of gas can be a major safety hazard. It happened to me on the way to the gas station, and I stopped on a sharp bend on a country road where the speed limit is 70km/hr. Thank god no one hit me when coming around the corner. I think the only thing that prevented that was it was raining so people where driving slower. I agree with the previous poster, last GM product that I will every buy!!!!

  • Judy

    Received my letter today, but have had the problem for 2 months now. Cannot afford to get it fixed even at 50%. I don’t understand why this is not a total recall.

  • donnelle

    Just fixed mine – cost me $180 (my 1/2!) 🙁 When will the fix the Flickering headlight issues- that should be a Recall also!