90% of Volt Customers New to Chevrolet Brand

90% of Volt Customers New to Chevrolet Brand

The Volt is helping to rebrand GM as a progressive automaker and it’s also helping to grow the Chevrolet marque, bringing in customers who haven’t (and possibly never would have) considered buying a Chevy.

According to new numbers released by General Motors, nine out of 10 Volt customers are new to Chevrolet. With that in mind, Chevy has earmarked several hundred Volt models as dealer demos. The plan is to use these extra Volts as a way to introduce more people to the Chevy brand, but whether those customers would be interested in anything else in the Chevy lineup has yet to be seen.

Currently 550 dealers have Volt demo cars and by year’s end Chevy plans for a total of 2,500 dealers to have the cars available for viewing and test drives.

The down side of this experiment is that Volt production is limited and every Volt used as a demo is one that isn’t being delivered to a customer, often extending the wait-time for orders.

“It’s tough to limit the number of Volts for sale to potential customers when demand is so strong, but the Volt has value to the Chevrolet portfolio well beyond incremental sales,” said Cristi Landy, Chevrolet marketing director.  “Our Chevy dealers will keep their Volt demo units for six months and then they sell these units at the conclusion of the demo period.”

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