ABT Sportsline Offers Luxury Accessories For The Audi A7

ABT Sportsline Offers Luxury Accessories For The Audi A7

Audi‘s answer to Mercedes‘ CLS has been growing in popularity and now certain aftermarket tuners are offering enthusiasts options for the A7 much like Brabus has for the CLS. One of the major Audi tuners, ABT Sportsline, is now offering a styling kit and performance upgrades for various A7 models, enhancing horsepower and aesthetics to fulfill the search for a sporty, yet luxurious, driving experience.

Starting with the exterior, ABT presents a subtle front and rear lip that is matched by their side skirts, giving the A7 a sportier appearance than factory, while the rear-end houses the quad-tipped exhaust quite nicely,

The big news comes from ABT’s offering of performance upgrades for the 3.0 TFSI and 3.0 TDI models with various stages. For the diesel powerplant, ABT offers their ABT Power package and Power S, depending on what your needs are. For those just searching for a minimal power increase, the ABT Power package will increase horsepower from the factory 245-hp to 282-hp. For those searching for even more, the Power S package offers new turbochargers from ABT and brings horsepower up to 310-hp. For the 3.0 TFSI owners, ABT can increase your horsepower to 410-hp, up 110-hp from the factory 300-hp figure.

Finishing off the package is a selection of 19- to 21-inch wheel offerings from ABT, complete with tire packages. Those looking for a more aggressive stance can pick up ABT’s Level Control which allows the owner to lower the air suspension on the A7.

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Elegance in its most impressive form – the new ABT A7

Your first glance at the elongated outline of the A7 is a magical moment which you will want to repeat again and again. Like an elegant feline predator, the vehicle shows that it is ready to pounce at any time and is very dynamic. The ABT side skirts support this impression further. They make the extravagant Audi seem even more muscular, it is a sports car in a perfect tailor-made suit. The front spoiler and the rear skirt set with the distinctive 4-pipe exhaust unit underline the fact that ABT has placed special emphasis on “sport” with the new A7 Sportback.

“For us the A7 is a car whose optical qualities also must be reflected in its driving performance”, explains Christian Abt. The General Manager of the traditional Bavarian company, who is responsible for technical developments, stresses that the A7 has to meet and the high demands of its owner, both as a premium road vehicle and as a sporting machine. This applies to both the 3.0 TFSI and the 3.0 TDI. “We think that the diesel engine suits the A7 perfectly, as it combines torque and unbridled power with the highest possible economy”, says Christian Abt. With ABT POWER the series standard 245 HP (180 kW) is increased to a powerful 282 HP (207 kW). The big turbo diesel runs even more powerfully with ABT POWER S: this is because the “in-house” turbo charger from ABT SPORTSLINE is applied and the Sportback therefore brings 310 HP (228 kW) onto the road. With its powerful torque of 610 Nm the machine is both superior and offers high-torque and quick acceleration in every situation. The ABT A7 becomes a real sports car with a petrol engine: thanks to ABT POWER the six cylinders now offer 410 HP (302 kW), compared to the series-standard 300 HP (221 kW).

ABT offers designer light alloy wheels in the sizes 19 to 21 inch to suit the extravagant Coupé limousine with the practical tailgate. The alloys are, of course, also available in combination with high-performance tyres, so that nothing else stands in the way of driving enjoyment. In combination with the lowering of the air suspension thanks to ABT Level Control, the ABT A7 now sticks to the road even more. Impressive performance, elegance and extravagance now have a new name – ABT A7.