Acura RSX Set to Return, More Coupes Planned

Acura RSX Set to Return, More Coupes Planned

Before most automakers had any interest in the compact premium segment, Acura launched the Integra, and then the RSX. A car that was perhaps ahead of its time, the RSX is set to make a comeback.

A Motor Trend reports cites sources claiming the next-gen RSX will get the new 201-hp 2.4-liter Civic Si engine, mated to a six-speed manual and a limited slip differential. It will also get Acura’s more angular styling (none of which comes as a surprise).

A brand distinctly short on coupes, Acura is reportedly also developing a larger 2-door that will be powered by the company’s new plug-in hybrid system, but mated to a V6 rather than the 4-cylinder engine Honda has been showing off.

As many as three other coupes may also joint the lineup, with the MT report mentioning another C-Segment coupe, as well as the next-generation NSX, which is now rumored to use a 400-hp V8 engine. In addition, there are continued rumors about more potent version of the CR-Z.

[Source: Motor Trend]

  • Quinn McNamara

    Maybe they should bring back the Integra. The RSX was a disappointment.

  • Colominicano

    are you retarded? the rsx IS an integra.

  • Gman

    Your Dumb HONDA! Step up your game. more POWER!!

  • Mengers

    201hp out of 2.4L? wtf? the 05-06 types made 210hp out of 2.0L…. i love my rsx i dont understand why the demand was so low

  • 03base

    TURBO! maybe from the RDX? a RWD option will b pretty spiffy 😛

  • liweih21

    Is this for real? Some like me may wait for it instead of choosing like Civic SI (can’t drive manual, no prestige) or Acura TSX (4 cyl too slow, 6 cyl same cost as TL, overall too big of a car)… Honda better be serious.

  • robf

    acura better make it quick, i love my 2004 rsx, but i’m looking to get a new one. the altima coupe is looking good to me. Acura get in the coupe game, or you are going to lose a whole market that you use to have.

  • Lui

    As a current 97″ Acura Integra GS-R owner. If the Integra/RSX truly comes back. I will be the first in line to buy one.  

  • Luv

    My 2006 RSX was the best car I have ever owned. Loved everything about it. My new Civic is very good, but nothing like the sexy RSX.

  • joe

    I had a 2005 rsx type s, since then ive owned a truck, if acura brings back the rsx, i will get one no dought in my mind, i miss that race style leather interior with bose sound system, the whole car was amazing and i want it again, please come out with a new one, i want it!!!

  • Tim

    Guess this never happened?_

  • Chon Williams

    Man. I would buy one if this happened. I owned a 2002 RSX for a few years. One of my favorites I’ve ever driven/owned.