Audi Denies Interest in F1, Claims Series Is Irrelevant

Audi Denies Interest in F1, Claims Series Is Irrelevant

There have been rumors that Audi could make the jump into Formula 1, however the automaker is adamant that it won’t be the company to do so. According to the company’s motorsport boss, F1 bears “no relevance to the road”.

Audi predominently races Le Mans Prototypes, like the R18 TDI. Audi points out that Le Mans is quite different from F1 Racing. The Audi Sport boss Wolfgang Ullrich was convincing that endurance racing is a better testbed than F1. “Let me show you how – at Le Mans, one of our cars will cover 325 miles more than an F1 car will cover in an entire season, our average speed including pits stops will be 20mph higher than an F1 car and we will use 42% less fuel. You cannot argue with those figures.”

Audi has a long history of racing that extends beyond Le Mans, Audi has set the benchmark in rallying and touring car as well. The automaker has brought many of its technologies from its motorsport program to its road cars, however Audi sees little connection between Formula 1 racing and the development of its vehicle manufacturing.

[Source: CAR]

  • Ryan

    Try telling Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, or Renault that F1 has no bearing on road cars. Audi’s claims are laughable, simply look at the number of articles on this site that show road cars that are now implementing KERS, first used in the 2009 F1 season. Active Steering also came from F1. Lastly, the use of carbon fiber for car parts is due largely to the envelope pushing to save every ounce of weight at the clear pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1.

    Audi claims many technologies have come from its motorsport program, but in reality, hardly any from its Le Mans Prototypes…the majority of road car tech upgrades come from its rallying past, and its relationship with Quattro, GmbH. Audi should remain in Le Mans, but its Porsche or Lamborghini arm should press for an F1 entry, if it makes business sense. Sadly, entry into F1 rarely makes business sense.