Audi Q5 Cross Cabrio Ready For Production?

Audi Q5 Cross Cabrio Ready For Production?

This isn’t a bad joke, people: buoyed by the nonexistent success of the yet-to-be-released Nissan Murano CrossCabrio, Audi is rumored to be considering production of the Q5 Cross Cabrio.

Because Audi’s brand motto is “leave no niche unfulfilled,” they are targeting the popular four-seater-four-wheel-convertible-CUV niche with a Teutonic vengeance. The Q5 CrossCabrio is expected to fulfill its promises of go-anywhere open-topped motoring it laid down at the LA Auto Show way back in 2007; if Audi does go through with it, the Q5 ‘vert would be a limited-edition halo model built, with production outsourced to an external coachbuilder like Magna. It would feature quatto all-wheel-drive and a line of sensible, yet torquey TFSI and TDI gasoline and diesel powerplants. And, you know, the ability to scare your neighbors in a way not since the Pontiac Aztek was introduced. Vorsprung durch Technik, indeed.



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