BMW First Automaker to Open eBay Store

BMW First Automaker to Open eBay Store

You would have thought the marketing maniacs at Ferrari would have been first, but it’s BMW that has launched the first eBay store by an auto manufacturer.

With numerous retailers already selling BMW parts and accessories online, this official store will likely appeal to many with the added safety and security, not to mention a two year guarantee.

Unfortunately, the BMW eBay store is run by the brand’s U.K. operation, but it does open up the possibility of versions for the U.S. and other markets throughout the world.

With a claimed 96 million site users globally, eBay UK receives 600,000 searches for BMW per month, indicating just how big a success the brand’s new e-commerce division could be. Better yet, BMW believes many of those customers are from different demographics than the ones who could normally purchase BMW parts and accessories through dealerships or through its other outlets.

If you’re in the U.K. visit BMW’s new eBay store here.

[Source: econsultancy]

  • Gerry M

    Great move by BMW, hope all car makers will now follow them. What impact does it make on other replacement autoparts sellers online? Its a move by BMW to enhance its aftersales services and a boost to eBay’s shady image. People online and offline are still looking for the greatest value they are always after – the prices.

    I have moved away from eBay to less known autoparts sellers like and avail value.