Cadillac To Add Four-Cylinder Engines To Lineup

Cadillac To Add Four-Cylinder Engines To Lineup

The days of multiple supercharged V8s for Cadillac look to be ending as GM’s luxury division is now mulling four-cylinder engines on multiple product lines.

While the upcoming ATS sports sedan is a natural candidate for a four banger, rumor has it that the Cadillac XTS full size sedan may also be offered with a turbocharged Ecotec inline four, making between 220 and 260 horsepower. Depending on customer reception, this motor could also find a home in the CTS and SRX, which quite frankly makes more sense than in the larger XTS.

An Ecotec Cadillac may seem anathema to the brand, but in places like Europe and China, the small displacement of 2.0L will help it dodge significant taxes based on engine size. Furthermore, German manufacturers like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are rapidly embracing turbocharged four cylinders in more than a few of their products.

[Source: Car and Driver]

  • Jean Paul Hopkins

    A four cylinder engine will be a big mistake if Cadillac used this in any of their cars. I love the Cad but I will not buy one if this happen.

  • Electrocum

    Then put the 4 cylinder engines in the export models, if I’m going to pay $70k+ for a new Cadillac, I at least want a V-8! Anything less is not in keeping with Cadillac’s “Standard of the World” position.