Chevrolet Camaro Turns Into Pontiac GTO

Chevrolet Camaro Turns Into Pontiac GTO

Trans Am Depot is outfitting the new Camaro with a Pontiac conversion kit, turning the Camaro into the a modern GTO Judge. Trans Am Depot’s work is called the “6T9 Goat” because of messy copyright issues. The car will come with a bespoke front end with its own split grille as well as a revised hood with air scoops, a new tail lamp, a restyled trunk with a small rear wing, quad tail pipes, and new alloy rims complete the look. This kit car may not appeal to everyone however if you are a fan of the 1969 GTO Judge, a modern day version of the car will soon be available.

[Source: Top Speed]

  • Kimo Kealoha

    Best thing thats ever happened to Chevrolet!

  • Kimo Kealoha

    Best thing that ever happened to Chevrolet!

  • Dale Kurthj

    GREAT !!!!!!
    Its to bad that GM couldn’t come up with something like that in 04 05 06
    In stead of that Australian Jap Junk!!!!

  • long time GTO lover

    This is an awesome goat!!!!!! Great job. I can see it being a big seller. When ever I have some extra cash I’am getting one.