Chevrolet Needs 100,000 Hand Raisers For New El Camino

Chevrolet Needs 100,000 Hand Raisers For New El Camino

At least that’s what Joel Ewanick, GM’s new Chief Marketing officer says. Ewanick, who was the brains behind Hyundai’s rather successful ‘Guarantee’ program, responded to a tweet by @chevyavalanche which said “I want a new El Camino. Badly, please!”

This latest ‘bring back the El Camino’ campaign was instigated after Jalopnik’s editor-in-chief Ray Wert, encouraged those using Twitter to follow Ewanick and ask him about a new Chevy car-truck.

Ewanick’s response indicated that the threshold for making such a car a reality was 100,000 interested parties. For the record, 100,000 units is about what the current Toyota Tacoma sells each year in the US and  represents rather high volumes for a niche vehicle. The best sales total the original El Camino ever managed, was 64,960 units, back in 1979.

However, if 100,000 or so Tweets translate into real orders with deposits, perhaps the General might reconsider. For the full scoop on what happened between Jalopnik and Ewanick, click on the link below.

[Source: Jalopnik]

  • James

    awesome looking vechile of new el camino i have been waiting for long time i love trucks and cars but this one is definetly my kind of vechile i have very good reason for it thank from jim

  • randy yocom

    I would love a new el-camino! I had a 1970. also had 1966 ranchero. allso had dodge rampage. would love something that hauls small loads, but get mega-M.P.G. not interested in pricey-SHOW_OFF gas- guzzling crap. front drive only would be sweet! =miss my 4-cyl. dodge rampage. thanks! randy yocom