Chevrolet Volt 36-Month Resale Value Set At $17,000

Chevrolet Volt 36-Month Resale Value Set At $17,000

A 2011 Chevrolet Volt will be worth just over $17,000 after 36 months, the length of a typical lease, says Kelley Blue Book. That’s a 42 percent drop in price from the car’s $41,000 sticker price.

Eric Ibara, director of residual value consulting at Kelley Blue Book, says the residual value projection seems low. But the first 200,000 Volts sold will qualify for a $7,500 federal tax credit, effectively dropping the sticker to $33,500. With this KBB number,  the Volt will hold 51 percent of its value, better than some of its rivals. The Toyota Prius, the industry’s best known hybrid, is projected to drop 46 percent after 36 months. Kelley’s projection assumes gasoline will sell for around $4 per gallon three years from now.

[Source: Car Tech Blog]

  • Chad

    $17K? That is being generous. After 36-months of use on the battery, the next owner is that much closer to sticker shock when the battery has to be replaced.

  • Colum Wood

    Perhaps. Everyone thought the Prius would have a low resale value after a few years over fear that the battery would be worn our or die, but Toyota to this day says not one Prius battery has been replaced. Can GM do the same…. we’ll see.

  • xioawei1

    Chad, you could not be any more wrong. 3 years of the 8 years guaranteed will not mean the car is worthless at that time. Even after the 8 years, the battery will still be good for another 10 years (albeit your range will slowly decrease; but only marginally each year). However, these cars are in such high demand, it will not matter.

    Further, if you buy a second hand Volt at 17k, pay 8k to replace the battery(completely unnecessary), or just have the battery reconditioned in years to come (for a 1k). The volt at 17k would be an incredible bargain.