Chinese Buyers Shun American Luxury

Chinese Buyers Shun American Luxury

China may be booming for cars—and luxury cars, at that—but American automakers still haven’t cracked the market.

Cadillac saw a sales increase of 139 percent in 2010. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Not when you realize that it equates to around 17,000 vehicles—by contrast, Audi sold 115,353 A6 sedans alone.

The Germans have dominated the Chinese car market, and continue to do so: nine out of the top ten luxury vehicles from 2010 carried an Audi, BMW or Mercedes badge—even the lowest-selling car on the list was a 3-Series that sold 12,000 examples.

And the 10th car? The 10th on the list was a Lexus. Clearly, despite GM’s involvement in SAIC, Cadillac has some work to do in order to become the Standard of the Middle Kingdom.

[Source: FreeP]