Chinese Car Nut Builds His Own Really Bad Lamborghini Reventon

Chinese Car Nut Builds His Own Really Bad Lamborghini Reventon

We almost love it when we find things on the Internet that leaves us completely speechless. Unfortunately this find also made us throw up a little bit and shake our heads in disgust. This isn’t to knock the goals and dreams of an individual and having the determination to execute the task – but let’s be realistic here, it’s a poor attempt at a replica of one of the world’s most exclusive exotic vehicles.

The replica started life as a standard Nissan Cefiro sedan, and once the idea popped into the head of this Chinese enthusiast, money was earmarked and welders were hired to execute the project. Armed with your typical household tools and a scale Reventon model, he began turning his mundane car into his dream car. $14,000 and countless hours later, the Nissan was transformed into something that bears a passing resemblance to the Reventon in about two weeks time.

On top of the exterior transformation, the enthusiast also outfitted the car with a 2.5L Nissan six-cylinder engine. He’s now trying to raise funds so that he can paint the car and finish his dream machine in order to get the legal documents to drive it on the street. To his credit, it looks like he’s garnered plenty of attention with the build and we have to admit, it does look like a Reventon…somewhat.

GALLERY: Nissan A31 Lamborghini Reventon Conversion

nissan_a31_lamborghini_reventon_replica_1.jpg nissan_a31_lamborghini_reventon_replica_2.jpg nissan_a31_lamborghini_reventon_replica_3.jpg nissan_a31_lamborghini_reventon_replica_4.jpg nissan_a31_lamborghini_reventon_replica_5.jpg

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  • Keon

    Googled Reventon to look at pics and this comes up. I had heard of this guy and his story before.

    Had to comment. The author of this piece is a complete idiot. The guy used less than 10 grand and look what he put together. Imagine if he had better materials or better circumstances in life. His goal is to one day create his own sports car brand and by the looks it he’s on his way to his dreams. How on Earth is this a poor attempt? He uses it to shuttle fertilizer to his parent’s farm how much money do you really think he has to devote to a replica? People like you work for people like him.