Corvette Museum Motorsports Park Gains Traction

Corvette Museum Motorsports Park Gains Traction

During the National Corvette Museum’s  annual C5/C6 gathering last Friday, Executive Director Wendell Strode announced, at an evening banquet hosted for donors that had pledged $1,000 or more; that the Museum’s Motorsports Park Project had acquired an additional 92 acres of land for the development of the track, supplementing the original 70 acres set aside for it.

Upon hearing the news, a number of members came forward with an additional $15,000 and by the end of the night, a further six acres of land had been committed to the project.

“We’re so thrilled with the support for the project,” declared Strode. “In a tough economy it means a lot to have so many supporters step up to the plate.”  Instead of waiting for sponsors to generate a total of $35 million for work to begin, the Motorsports project has been broken down into two separate, smaller ‘phases.’

The first will be construction of the two mile ‘west’ road course, along with an autocross track and skid pad, while the second will comprise the ‘east’ road course, a karting track and quartermile drag strip, as well as another separate autocross/skid pad.

Corvette Racing Program Manager Doug Fehan, who attended the banquet, remarked that the Motorsports Park project is the “jewel in the crown that is Corvette. Nobody has a museum funded by the people who buy the car, love the car and have a passion for the car.”

[Source: National Corvette Museum]