Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Offering $80,000 “Intimidator” Camaro

Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Offering $80,000 “Intimidator” Camaro

The most die-hard Dale Earnhardt fans can now own a piece of machinery dedicated to his namesake and prowess on the NASCAR track. Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet is now offering a Chevy Camaro fit to be nicknamed the Camaro Intimidator, paying homage to the fallen NASCAR driver. Thing is, you have to be a pretty die-hard Earnhardt fan to shell over the $80,000 they’re asking for it.

The price tag is somewhat warranted however, as you’ll be receiving the keys to a 704-hp supercharged Camaro. And power underneath the hood isn’t all that the Intimidator will offer; the aesthetics sport a bit of a NASCAR flavor with an aluminum blade spoiler and front racing splitter. Along with the Eaton supercharger, other modifications include upgraded suspension, chassis modifications, a custom exhaust and larger brakes.

Minor accessories to the vehicle include a vented hood, chrome plated Intimidator badges, a new grille, afterburner-style tail lights, 6LE Designs gauges and engraved chromed wheels. And for those that think $80,000 is too small a price to pay in order to show off your Earnhardt respect there’s a Historic edition available for $85,000, but no details were available on what makes it historic.

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