Denmark Leads The World In Gas Prices At $9.69 Per Gallon

Denmark Leads The World In Gas Prices At $9.69 Per Gallon

If you think $4 for a gallon of gas is pricey here in the United States, you should thank your lucky stars that you’re not a resident of Denmark. The Northern European nation is currently leading the world in gas prices, with a gallon costing an average $9.69, including a gasoline tax of $5.41.

Other countries like Portugal, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are all in the $9 per gallon range, with the Netherlands boasting the highest gas tax rate of $5.87 per gallon. Closer to home, Canada is averaging $4.70 with a $1.20 gas tax, while the United States is still at $3.96, with a 48 cent tax.

At the other end of the spectrum are oil-rich nations like Saudi Arabia, where a gallon costs 45 cents, and Venezuela, where it costs a mere 10 cents per gallon. As The Atlantic notes, Venezuela is selling heavily subsidized gas at roughly 98 percent less than market value, and the extra money could easily be put into infrastructure or public transportation.

[Source: The Atlantic]

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  • Donald

    While you pay almost $4.00/Gal. I only pay the equivalent to $2.00/Gal.
    My car 1998 Chrysler Concord gets 235 MPG. Send me your e-mail and I send more info. I am not smart enough on computers do it in this answer block.
    Regards, Donald

  • TheEnergyGuy

    American oil fueled allied victories in WWI and WWII. We were the biggest oil producer in the world. We built a culture of suburban sprawl and automobiles while our commuter rail system has been neglected. We are 4% of world population consuming 25% of total world oil extraction, and we now only have 2% of world oil reserves. If we want to remain a superpower we need to change our way of life. “Drill Baby Drill” will not solve our problem.