Diesel Car Sales to Triple by 2015 Says Bosch CEO

Diesel Car Sales to Triple by 2015 Says Bosch CEO

With consumers in search of higher fuel economy from their vehicles, diesel sales are projected to rise drastically over the next few years. That, at least, is the opinion of Peter Marks, CEO of Bosch operations for North and South America, a supplier of diesel engine parts and one that has significant stake in seeing this prediction come true.

Speaking at an Automotive Press Association lunch in Detroit on Thursday, Marks said that diesel vehicle sales could account for up to 10 percent of new vehicle sales in the U.S. by 2015, an incredible jump from the current 3 percent.

Touting the benefits of diesels, he indicated that such engines could get more than 54 mpg by 2015, and that while diesel cars would likely cost $1,200 to $2,800 more than a conventional gasoline engine, the significant savings at the pump could make the technology pay for itself in just 14 months.

By 2015 Marks said he expects the current number of diesel cars on offer by automakers in America will double, rising from roughly 20 right now to 40. While European brands have been pushing diesels for decades, several other automakers are about to join in, with Mazda announcing recently it would offer a diesel-powered car, while Chevrolet has also said a diesel-powered Cruze will make its way to America. In addition Jeep is believed to be mulling the return of diesels.

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  • gus

    One has to admit that the American Auto Manufacturers, again, missed the boat. While the rest of the world embraces diesel power, the big three fart around living in the past and as usual will again miss out. But I do not feel sorry for them in the least. I was a pro-American buyer until i found out the Chevy i wanted to buy was made in Canada, so i bought a Subaru, made in the US with about a 65% American content. My other GM car was made in Mexico. So, as the European and Asian Manufacturers come to the US, our big three go to Mexico. Go figure. And they wonder why they are losers.