El Camino “Very Unlikely” Says GM Marketing Boss

El Camino “Very Unlikely” Says GM Marketing Boss

Perhaps you’ve read the incessant chatter about the return of the Chevrolet El Camino. Well, it’s not going to happen. Thank God!

Last week General Motors Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick joined Twitter and said  (loosely speaking) that if 100,000 people commented on a Jalopnik post, then they’d revive the classic badge, allowing us to pull into a Chevy dealership, trade in our Honda Accord Crosstour, and cruise out in retro bliss.

Willing to play the game, GM even make an effort to create an El Camino Facebook page and a link to the Jalopnik story. At last update the that story had just under 4,000 replies, 11,000 Facebook likes, 137,000 views and 5,000 more Facebook posts.

Those ignoble efforts seem to be in vain, however, with Ewanick tweeting this morning that a return for the El Camino is “very unlikely”.

Perhaps there are a select few who will be genuinely saddened by this news and who actually would have purchased such a vehicle. As for the rest, well, they’re likely either having some fun at GM’s expense or they’re automotive journalists who love cars ironically. If you fall into the former camp, there’s always the Subaru Baja.

  • charles

    1.The Impala standard engine for 2012 v6 302 hp that’s good but chevy needs to stop following and start leading and give the Impala and optional engine 323 hp v6 for a start.(i’m a current Impala owner).
    2.The Siverado needs to drop the 4.3 and 4.8 engine for 2012,make the 5.3 standard with power rating of(330hp with 365tq).chop two cylinders of the 6.2 v8 and make new (4.6 v6)with power rating of(320hp and 320tq) standard.mid engine option should be a(6.0-395hp-400tq)top of the line (6.2-420hp-435tq).Use the Hd 2500-3500 bumper on the 1500 Siverado get rid of the ugly 4 piece bumpers,add a floor shifter to match the competion.I own a Siverado 1500.Add two tone paint on the siverado i’ll show you how to do it.Make the work-truck a heavy hauler and tow master with the 6.2eng.make the 6.2 available in std cab like the Ram.Got to cover all your competion. CHEVY STOP GIVING SALE AWAY FOR VAIN REASONS .Get this done chevy i know cheyY guys buying the other brands for the reasons i just listed.I’m a pure chevy guy and want to be on top.Amen

  • Doug Stephens

    As a member of the national el camino owners association I take great offence to this if you are going to write an article leave your personal opinion out of it. I am refurring to when you wrote thank god following telling us that it was not going to happen and also the subaru baja is one of the worst cars out there!

  • Joe

    Thank God? Wow. You know, the El Camino is more popular now than ever. Look at the 1967-1970 model years especially. Restored ones are going for as up to 20,000 dollars. Thank God? How ignorant of you. I’ve owned 6 Elkys and currently drive a ’69 SS that looks great, hauls whatever I need to haul, and will blow the doors off your crappy mustang or whatever rice burner you drive.

  • yep purdy dang ignorant all the dadgum money day’d make sellin new El Caminas…

  • Michael

    Do some research please!  The new elcamino would be a North American version of the Australian Holden Ute.  It is very sexy and powerful and would be a great alternative for those that don’t really use their trucks for hauling at capacity. 

  • T. Roll

     Sexy…. lol. You’re kidding right?

  • John

    Any version of the elcamino.Is guess what its an elcamino. Detroit has brought back .The retro mustang, camaro, the ssr (retro 50’s chevy pick-up) prowler(retro roadster). Why not the elcamino.
    As long has as it holds to its classic styles. Like the 68-72.But any generation they,would use is
    fine as, they can refine the lines for the 21th century.

  • Lynwoodmp

    Funny they didn’t ask those who would actually buy it! We are not city folk, we are not all facebookers, and we buy with cash. We ar 10 % of the public.

  • Crewdog259

    I think in the age of Fiat 500’s and Scions, a small easy park good at the pump utility vehicle like the el camino or the montana would serve many people well.  the Ute is already developed in for down under and the engines are already certified so cost would be low to field it.  GM is always behind the power curve this might be the chance to be in front of it with an el comino or montana.  Especially if they came with efficient diesel option.  The market is open to new ideas with $4 plus a gallon fuel.  I’ve had an elk before and would buy another.

  • Harryokaluder

    Everything GM is doing is working. People want to return to buying American, like the camaro or mustang, a retro El Camino would be a hit, done right. Suburu what? please.

  • andiamo

    Bring them back GM! And no we don’t only want the 60k dollar version with the corvette engine give us some options and you will sell a ton of them. 

  • ray

    i would sure purchase on.  I ordered a ’72 model, loved it and was T-boned which totaled it.  did not replace it but sure would like to have a 2014 model.