Fab Design Cadillac Escalade Leaves Us Speechless

Fab Design Cadillac Escalade Leaves Us Speechless

Fab Design, that normally specializes in customizing various Mercedes-Benz models, was approached by one of their most dedicated customers to transform his Cadillac Escalade to a true one-of-a-kind American luxury SUV. Well, we’re not too sure of the results and quite frankly we believe Fab Design should just stick to Mercedes-Benz models.

The craftsmanship looks to be top notch, and there was some originality with the modifications, but we have some question marks on why certain things were done the way they were. From the headlight covers to the oversized grille to the obscured tailgate glass, we can’t help but think Fab Design just wanted to be as big and bold as possible with the build. Or perhaps they just wanted to scare away anyone else from ever asking them to do anything to a vehicle other than a Mercedes.

Worse off, the interior is so excessive that it caught the attention of Pro Wildlife, causing Roland Rysanek (owner of Fab Design) to have to defend the build. The owner wanted the interior to be completely decked out with snake leather and imitation crocodile leather. Rysanek of course obliged, and had to state that the snake skin used came from snakes that had been killed without causing them pain – as opposed to being skinned alive.

Unfortunately whatever way we look at it, this Escalade seems to be a bad idea from any angle.

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