Ferrari 360 Gets 1,000-HP Chevy 427 Engine Swap

Ferrari 360 Gets 1,000-HP Chevy 427 Engine Swap

Who says money can’t buy… creativity? Arguably the ultimate garage we’ve ever set eyes on, this owner and collector of very fine vehicles clearly not only has taste, but the willingness to think outside the box when it comes to customizing his exotics.

But before we get to the yellow Ferrari 360 GT that’s the topic of this post, it’s worth mentioning just what resides in this garage: a Ferrari 360 Challenge, two Ferrari 360s, a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, a Ferrari F430 Spyder, a Lotus Exige, Pagani Zonda, Pagani Zonda Monza, Porsche GT3, Porsche GT3 RS, Porsche GT3 RS MK2, two Porsche Carrera GTs, a Ruf R Turbo Widebody. And missing from the photo? A few Porsche cup cars and a yellow Pagani Zonda C12S.

But of all the cars in this ridiculous garage, its the yellow Ferrari 360 GT with Chevrolet badges and ‘SS 427’ on the side that’s the most original. Apparently the owner blew the stock 360 GT powerplant while at the track (gotta respect a Ferrari-owner that takes their car to the track!) and rather than forking out the money to replace it with another Ferrari engine, he got clever. In went a fully built 427-ci Lingenfelter Performance-built power plant that pushes out over 1,000-hp.

A one of one garage that features a one of one car.

GALLERY: Chevy-Powered Ferrari Modena 360

chevy_powered_ferrari_1.jpg chevy_powered_ferrari_2.jpg chevy_powered_ferrari_3.jpg chevy_powered_ferrari_4.jpg

[Source: Luxury4Play]

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    The first line….. “by” instead of “buy”. Please fire this guy or at least make him proof read.

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  • Ezmagic12

    Why you would put a Chevy Big Block in a piece of italian art I will never understand… But this thing probably hauls ass! I wana see some numbers and a video!!!