Ferrari 599XX For Sale: $1.9 Million for a Slice of Automotive Nirvana

Ferrari 599XX For Sale: $1.9 Million for a Slice of Automotive Nirvana

One of the most prestigious cars any Ferrari fanatic can own is the 599XX. Originally sold in very limited quantities to the most loyal Ferrari customers, one has surfaced for sale on JamesList with a price tag of $1.9 million including VAT taxes.

The 599XX was built by Ferrari and is based on the 599 GTB platform as a test bed for future road cars. It features an upgraded 6.0L V12 powerplant that pushes out 700-hp. Ferrari also lightened the entire body and enhanced the aerodynamics in order to make it a more formidable car on the race track. The result is a 6:58.16 time at the Nordschleife circuit, the second fastest time recorded for a production-derived sports car.

This particular one for sale sports 932-miles on the odometer and features a black on black color scheme. It’s currently located in France, but we’re going to assume the location of the vehicle doesn’t really matter if you can afford it.

GALLERY: Ferrari 599XX

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[Source: JamesList]

  • Sam McClean

    where can i buy one if these 599xx from 

  • Sam

    where can i buy this car from 

  • Willostler

    sam you can buy this car from any main sports car dealers for example HR.OWEN


    you can buy it…but you can’t take it home….it’s meant for the track only…ferrari won’t let you take it out of it’s factory even if you pay bat shit crazy price for it…