Ferrari To Offer Free Maintenance Program Stateside

Ferrari To Offer Free Maintenance Program Stateside
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Ferrari‘s complimentary service plan, already available in some world markets, will also be offered in the United States, on vehicles like the FF, 458 Italia and California.

“We are currently working out the terms and details to adapt this plan to the U.S. market, which is the largest one for Ferrari,” said Enzo Francesconi, the man responsible for after-sales matters for Ferrari North America. Ferrari’s plan covers one scheduled visit per year, some parts, fluids and labor, but does not cover high-wear items like brake pads. On the other hand, the program is transferable, so used buyers will be able to use what’s left of the program.

Ferrari’s older models are notorious for outrageous service costs, with many requiring hours of labor to remove the engine even for simple tasks. Newer models have been designed for easier servicing, but an oil change can still cost around $500. Another interesting factor is that Ferraris in the snow belt states tend to rarely ever require a 3000 mile comprehensive service, but often get an annual tune-up at their owners request. With the free maintenance program valued at around $15,000, it’s a nice touch for prospective owners, albeit an inconsequential amount if you’re in the Ferrari demographic.

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