Ford Teams Up With Google To Make Your Car Smarter

Ford Teams Up With Google To Make Your Car Smarter

You already use Google to find things on the Internet. So it’s not surprising to hear that your car will be using technology developed by the search engine company to find its way around too.

Ford has teamed up with Google to develop a car that will be smart enough to know where you’re going and how best to get you there so you don’t get stuck in traffic. Using Google’s predictive algorithms (Prediction API),  Ford wants to create a car that determines where you’re going by examining where you’ve been, thereby optimizing the performance of your car.

Here’s how it will work: Adding pattern-matching capability to existing cloud-based datasets, the Prediction API is able to predict probable outcomes for current events. The car would feature a setting that would learn from our behavior and adapt to it. Using this information, it will suggest a route and calibrate itself for ideal fuel mileage and performance.

“Once the destination is confirmed, the vehicle would have instant access to a variety of real-time information so it can optimize its performance, even against factors that the driver may not be aware of,” said Ryan McGee, a technical expert with Ford’s vehicle controls architecture and algorithm design division. “This information can ultimately be used to optimize vehicle performance attributes such as fuel efficiency and drivability.”

[Source: Wired]

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