Geely McCar Comes with its Own Electric Scooter in the Trunk

Geely McCar Comes with its Own Electric Scooter in the Trunk

Here’s a concept that carries some junk in its trunk. OK, so it’s not junk – it’s actually a three-wheeled scooter, and the McCar packs it away in its trunk to give you even more motoring mobility.

Unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, Geely (the Chinese manufacturer and owner of Volvo) introduced this unique concept to the world. The McCar (no, you won’t find it on the menu at McDonalds) is a cool and compact hybrid that comes with a folding three-wheeled electric scooter in the rear. With enough seating for four, the two-door Geely McCar charges its electric scooter while its packed away in the trunk.

Available with either battery or hybrid power, the McCar offers enough juice to get you to your destination at a reasonable pace. If you go with the 12kWh battery, it has range of 93 miles, a top speed of 52 mph and it takes six hours to recharge. When it comes to the 8kWh plug-in hybrid, the McCar can go 31 miles on electric power and 373 miles on gas and battery, with a top speed of 80 mph and a recharge time of two hours. When it’s time to pull out the scooter, you can clock speeds of up to 18 mph (it has a range of 18 miles and it takes two hours to charge). If you don’t want the scooter, feel free to swap it for a standard fold-up wheelchair.

Even though it’s still a concept, there’s a good chance that the McCar might actually go into production, as Geely has plans to mass produce electric and hybrid cars by the end of next year.

  • Quinn McNamara

    You forgot the part where you die driving it because it’s Chinese.

  • John Teague

    Yes … please make this!