Girard-Perregaux’s R&D 01 Watch Designed For Drivers

Girard-Perregaux’s R&D 01 Watch Designed For Drivers

A fitting remembrance to former racecar driver Luigi Macaluso, Girard-Perregaux has released a signature timepiece that was designed for racing enthusiasts – the R&D 01.

Macaluso served as president of both the Italian Motorsport Federation and the International Karting Federation and was the president of Girard-Perregaux until his passing last year. He also won the European Rally Championship in 1972 and served on the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council. Thanks to his ties with the auto community, Girard-Perregaux partnered with Ferrari and Pininfarina to bring about their own branded watches. With Macaluso at the helm, the company designed luxury signature timepieces for a range of world-class auto brands.

The R&D 01 isn’t tied to any automotive brand and is the effort of many years of research and development. This watch is the ultimate driver’s watch – it was created after consultation with Formula 1 racing drivers and what they needed in a timepiece.

The end result features inverted push-buttons and functions, which makes it easier to operate while driving. Its rotating internal bezel is resistant to being knocked out of place, its design is sporty and all of this chronograph’s movements are crafted in-house. The R&D 01’s dials are styled after a car’s dashboard gauges and the crown field after an F1 air intake.

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