Gumball 3000 Set For May 26th Start In London, With A Green Twist

Gumball 3000 Set For May 26th Start In London, With A Green Twist

Over the past 13 years, the Gumball 3000 has been in the news for plenty of good and bad reasons, and they are set to party on the road once again.

This years event will start from London, England on May 26th, and amidst all the gas guzzling exotics, it will also have a green theme. The 2011 event will feature around 20 electric concept and production cars. So in these energy conscious times, even the Gumball is showing a bit of responsibility.

But don’t expect a watered-down version of the usual Gumball mania, because plenty of exotic cars and celebs will be taking part. This years event will star some well-known names such as singer Eve and TV actor David Hasselhoff.

The event will be a European trek, going from London to Istanbul.

  • Ray

    The Gumball 3000 is something I always look forward to every year. Amazing cars, wonderful scenery’s, and just everything about the Gumball 3000. I remember when they stopped in Toronto, Ontario last year, that was something to see!

    As Russel Peters would say “mind blasting!!”


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