Hauk Designs Offers Various Jeep Wrangler Customization Options

Hauk Designs Offers Various Jeep Wrangler Customization Options

Looking to transform your Jeep Wrangler into something more fun? Hauk Designs is offering a huge collection of customization options for your Jeep Wrangler, allowing you to pick and choose exactly what you want out of your build. Hauk Designs will start with any 2011 Jeep Wrangler and transform it to a real rock raiding machine with performance packages that can push 850-hp if you’ve got a 7.2L HEMI under the hood.

Pictured is Hauk Designs’ Rock Raider, which can be applied to any 2- or 4-door Wrangler variant. Standard exterior options from Hauk Designs include a Master Designs heat reducing hood, 40-inch Toyo Open Country MT tires, 20-inch Raceline bead lock wheels, full under carriage skid protection, steel epoxy-coated bumpers with integrated license plate and winch mount, epoxy-coated high clearance steel tube fenders, waterproof winch with remote control, steel differential protection, Wild Boar fast-back T-Top hard top, LED headlights and taillights, fold-down tailgate with remote popper, rear steel crusher corners with integrated light housings, solid billet door handles and Baja Light Bar with Force 170 Striker lights.

For the interior, Hauk Designs offers an integrated on-board air system, Spod Electronic system control unit, integrated navigation with Bluetooth, epoxy-lined interior and PSC hydro-assist steering system. Suspension options are plentiful with Hauk mainly utilizing Teraflex Long Arm’s sport-tuned suspension components. But the customer is always right with Hauk Designs, so whatever you wish to run, you can just let them know.

Each build is unique from Hauk Designs, and they’ll sit down to find out exactly what needs and wants you have with your Jeep Wrangler. The result will be yours and yours alone, so if you’ve been looking to make that Wrangler more fun than ever – give them a call!

GALLERY: Hauk Designs Jeep Wrangler Rock Raider

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