Hennessey Dodge Ram Packs 505 Horsepower

Hennessey Dodge Ram Packs 505 Horsepower

Hennessey Performance is now producing the Ram HPE500 pickup truck, packing a 5.7L Hemi fitted with a TVS2300 Supercharger System and an HPE Air Induction System that is capable of producing 505-hp at 5,400rpm.

For comparison, the Ram SRT10 powered by a V10 Viper engine produced 510-hp. The rumble produced by this truck comes from a new stainless steel cat-back exhaust system, but to get the noise, you’ll have to fork over $12,950. Customers do have the option of buying the kit and installing it themselves for a mere $10,950, while a less powerful HPE425 kit is also available for $6,950 (installed) and 4,950 (DIY).

  • steve

    Fine, but if the transmission is a sludgebox like my 04 was before I installed a programmer that 505 hp is worthless.