Hitch a Ride With the Avego Driver App

Hitch a Ride With the Avego Driver App

Hey buddy, going my way? Forget sticking out your thumb to hitch a ride. It’s 2011 and that’s not how we doing things in this social media and phone app world anymore. Give your thumb a rest a download Avego Driver, the first on-demand real-time ride-sharing application for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

So how does this handy app work? After you download the app, you have to input your phone number and credit card. This is for two reasons: 1.) so Avego can verify you’re a real person; 2)  so the driver gets some compensation for gas (and of course, a little something for Avego for setting up the whole deal).  Once a driver uploads their route on Avego, you can request a ride if they are going your way, and the driver is notified of your interest.

There’s no need to pull out a calculator, as Avego Driver figures out how much you should be paying the driver. Once both driver and passenger agree on a price, the passenger is directed to an agreed upon pick-up location. They are also given a unique PIN number in order to verify identity. And just so passengers aren’t stuck on the corner wondering where their ride is, Avego Driver provides real-time info to determine arrival times.

Once the passenger is dropped off at their location, drivers and riders can rate each other. You can vote from one to five. This rating system allows you to pick exactly who you want to be matched up with (for example, women can ride with just women.)

Don’t get too excited – the app isn’t available for download just yet. The developers are testing it out in Seattle right now, so once we get word that it’s good to go, we’ll let you know.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

  • Taras

    Actually, the app is now available for free download in the iTunes store.

  • Colin

    I have been using this app and it’s very cool! Easy to use and saves me money on my commute!

  • Amy Tokic

    Sweet! I just found it on my iPhone too! I guess they finished it sooner than expected 🙂
    Anyone else use it? What are your thoughts?