Honda Celebrates 1 Million Facebook Fans By Showing A Bit Of Love

Honda Celebrates 1 Million Facebook Fans By Showing A Bit Of Love

It seems to be the latest thing for corporations to be liked or get fans via official Facebook pages. However, in some cases the idea appears to have clearly worked.

Honda Motor Co, which founded its official page back in 2009 can now boast that it has more than 1 million fans.

In fact some people have done incredible things to prove their loyalty to the brand. Examples include getting Honda tattoos, requesting special ‘Honda’ haircuts, even carving the company logo on their front lawn.

Now in what Honda describes as “We’re Fans of You Too Week,” the company is giving back. It carved the name of the lawn fan on the grass outside corporate headquarters in Torrance, while Honda employees got airbrushed tattoos and haircuts incorporating the names of the fans that did the same for the big H.

In addition, Honda has extended its goodwill to include a program called “Honda Loves You Back.” Over the past year, the company has made some surprising gestures, including paying parking fees for Honda owners at select sporting events, even providing customers with a free carwash, lunch and even a backrub!

To see what else Honda has in store for its loyal customers and Facebook fans, click on the link below:

[Source: Honda]