Honda Dealers To Get More Inventory Starting In July

Honda Dealers To Get More Inventory Starting In July

Having suffered more than other automakers due to the earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan, Honda has been struggling to fix supply chain disruptions, which have resulted in plant slowdowns and limited vehicle availability at dealerships.

Now the company says most of those issues are being resolved and in a recent statement to its US dealer network, Honda said that production is expected to ramp up in the next few months, providing a significant inventory boost to dealers.

John Mendel, American Honda Executive VP told dealers in a company memo to expect the availability of vehicles in July to increase by 11 percent versus June, however supplies of bread and butter models such as the Civic and Accord remain low, with most current inventory currently comprising of traditionally slower selling vehicles such as the Fit subcompact along with the CR-V and Pilot SUVs.

However, Mendel encouraged dealers to be optimistic, saying “we all know that the automobile market is getting better and we want to be able to grow along with it,” though he also cautioned that at present dealers “need to continue to push hard on the sales front,” selling what inventory they have.

[Source: Automotive News]