Honda-Tech Meet Turns Ugly as ‘Thief’ Caught Trying to Steal a CRX [Video]

Honda-Tech Meet Turns Ugly as ‘Thief’ Caught Trying to Steal a CRX [Video]

There’s no justice like mob justice. Then again, we’re sure you’ll have a different opinion of the car “thief” in this video once you hear all the facts.

At the annual Northwest Region Spring Meet for Honda-Tech owners things got very out of hand when someone hopped into a CRX and tried to drive off. The owner of the car just so happened to see it happen, however, and a crowd quickly formed to enact some swift retribution on the alleged thief, who appears to have taken quite a beating while refusing to leave the driver’s seat of the ZC-swapped CRX.

As it turns out, there’s more to this story than just “get outta my f*cking car”. The alleged thief attempted to drive off because he had the keys. How did he get the keys? Well the driver didn’t leave them behind, nor did he pay off the guy at the local dealer to make him a spare set (Gone in 60 Seconds reference). No, he had his own set… because the CRX is question actually belongs to him. He even has the registration to prove it.

According to pieced together forum chatter, the rightful owner of the car actually had it stolen from him recently. Then the thief traded it to the foul-mouthed young woman for her DA (1989-93) 4-door Integra, who then took possesion of the vehicle without any registration and had been driving the stolen car. Knowing the type of owner a vehicle like this would attract, our car “thief” wisely assumed there was a good chance it would show up at a Honda-Tech meet.

Watch the videos below and see for yourself how it all goes down. But a warning, not safe for work language.

[Source: Stickydiljoe via Honda-Tech]

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  • Noe

    It’s a sea of fat bums and yokles wearing the same jeans…..

  • Ray

    What a ugly situation. All of this could’ve been prevented easily!
    The original owner of the Honda should’ve at least called the cops when he spotted the car rather than hopping in it and driving off.

    Bad move, but it’s good he got his car back in the end. Now I hope those dudes that punched the original owner do get sued, all that violence was really uncalled for.

  • tenjin

    if anything the girl that bought the girl should be called in for investigation, and her accomplices… I bet she was in on this shit… i mean buying a car that has no registration ? or proof that it was the thieves car ? she knew wtf she was doing… Hope the original owner sues the crap out of her/ and her accomplices !!!

  • tenjin

    the girl is trippin hard because she knows she fucked up hard buying a stolen car… –> i want to see her get screwed for being a retard! no wonder she cant wait for the cops, actually she wants to hop in the car and leave before the cops come !!!

  • billibob

    I find it funny how the crowd instantly forgets the entire thing as soon as the police man shifts improperly…such a sad crowd

  • Demnutz

    Unless she can produce the supposed seller of this car, she stole it herself. Grand theft auto