Honda to Suspend Orders for Made-in-Japan Models

Honda to Suspend Orders for Made-in-Japan Models

Nearly two months after the devastating earthquake in Japan, Honda is still reeling from the effects—and forcing to juggle production schedules in America and back home.

Honda is suspending orders of its vehicles built in Japan for the months of June and July. Production of the CR-Z, Civic Hybrid, Fit, and Acuras TSX and RL are being suspended until further notice; supply shortages are still to blame as Japan rebuilds.

And in America, every single Honda production facility will be running full production shifts from May to the beginning of July, twice a week. After that, suggested Honda spokesperson Ed Miller, who knows. But Honda has already been running two shifts per plant, before the earthquake and its resulting parts shortages.

Still, Honda’s showrooms, Honda’s dealers, and most importantly Honda’s consumers will be feeling the direct results. The company claims that normal production, like at Toyota, will resume within a year. Let’s certainly hope so.

[Source: Automotive News via Autoblog]