Hyundai Announces 5 Million Units Sold in Europe

Hyundai Announces 5 Million Units Sold in Europe

Hyundai officially announced that its has sold 5 million vehicles in Europe since it first began retail operations in 1977. The first Hyundai Pony was imported to Europe in 1977 and the five millionth vehicle was in i30, which was launched in 2007 and has sold just over 320,000 units throughout Europe.

Hyundai has managed to sell 1 million cars alone, in the last three years. However it took the Korean automaker 19 years to sell its first million cars within Europe, and the two millionth car was sold in 2001.

The company progressed immensely with the introduction of the Hyundai i30 in 2007, which was designed for the European market. The i30 is built in Nosovice, Czech Republic producing 300,000 units per year.

Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe, commented, “Hitting five million sales is a wonderful achievement for Hyundai, and it marks us out as a major player in what is the world’s most competitive car market. But this is just the beginning for the brand. We are planning for further sales growth during 2011, to take us to 3% market share in Europe. And in the longer term we expect the quality and desirability of our cars to help us maintain our momentum and deliver our next five million sales in a much shorter time frame.”


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