Hyundai Wants A More Emotional Bond With U.S Buyers

Hyundai Wants A More Emotional Bond With U.S Buyers

Hyundai’s new U.S marketing chief wants to improve customer perception brand by improving quality and design to enhance the consumers on a more emotional level.

Consumers have traditionally turned to Hyundai because of practical attributes such as value, warranty and fuel economy. However, Hyundai has expanded its U.S linup in recent years to include premium cars like the Genesis and Equus in a move to attract non-traditional demographics.

Furthermore, Hyundai has set up a program this month guaranteeing the trade-in value of models after two years of ownership, if the customer trades in their car for a new Hyundai. This follows on the heels of their Assurance program set up during the recession, which allowed buyers to return cars without a penalty or a hit to one’s credit score if there was job loss or bankruptcy within a year of purchase.

Hyundai’s sales in the U.S are vastly improving with 204,374 vehicle sales in April, a 31 percent gain from the same period in 2010.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Chad

    I witnessed in person one of the new Elantra’s on the road the other day. I was horrified at how hideously bulbous they had become. If Hyundai wants me bond with any of their new cars, stop designing them to look like ugly bubbles of uninspired metal and plastic. There is no way I can bond with a car I would be ashamed to be seen in.