Jaguar Land Rover To Shift From Niche Market to Mainstream With 5 Year Product Offensive

Jaguar Land Rover To Shift From Niche Market to Mainstream With 5 Year Product Offensive

Jaguar has some ambitious plans to work alongside its sibling Land Rover brand. The two brands will be launching major production over the next five years with the goal of boosting Jaguar and Land Rover out of their markets and lifting them firmly into the luxury mainstream.

“We’ll be launching 40 new cars, derivatives and (major) technologies from Jaguar/Land Rover in the next five years,” said Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar Global Brand Director.

New programs break down into three categories:

  • *Products that slot above and below the current Jaguar and Land Rover line-up, as well as those that expand the current line-up’s appeal;
  • *Products that can broaden the two brands in markets where they currently don’t have a presence;
  • *Technologies that broaden the capabilities of the two brands  — possibly including new diesels, hybrids and other advanced propulsion systems.

Hallmark also confirmed the new entry-luxury model that will slip in below the current XF model as well as a higher end crossover, targeting the BMW X5 and Audi Q7. A replacement of the disliked X-Type is essential. Hallmark explained that “That segment is massive.” It is likely that fitting into that sedan segment could become “the most important piece” of Jaguar’s planned product expansion. There is also a strong possibility of a smaller crossover to enter Jaguars lineup, although, “We will not overlap” said Dr. Ralf Speth, Jaguar and Land Rover CEO.

Electric cars do have a place in Jaguar’s future product portfolio, however company officials were vague on specifics. Speth alluded to pure, battery-powered models “are not the only way to go,” suggesting more conventional hybrids and plug-ins are a more likely focus.


  • Quinn McNamara

    Looks like relevance and success will kill the spirit of Jag. Oh well, maybe now I’ll be able to afford one.