Jaguar To Introduce Bigger XF, Smaller Model

Jaguar To Introduce Bigger XF, Smaller Model

Jaguar plans to move the XF, it’s current bread and butter model, up in size for the car’s next redesign, scheduled for 2015. In addition, the company will augment its product offerings, with a new smaller car at around the same time.

The main motivation for up-sizing the next generation XF, comes from the car’s German competition, particularly the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5-series, which Jag boss Adrian Hallmark notes “given that [these models] have moved up in size, so will the next XF.”

Originally, Jaguar had planned to offer a new, baby offering ahead of the XF redesign, but there were some that felt it could potentially steal sales away from the current XF, the car which ‘saved,’ Jaguar, since the two models would likely be harder to differentiate.

Hallmark is strongly enthusiastic about the idea of a new smaller Jaguar, but along with engineering chief Bob Joyce, believes that the car has to be designed and engineered exactly right for its target audience, avoiding the same mistakes the company got into when it launched the Ford Mondeo based X-Type.

“We’ve got to be careful and not be too British and think that just because we didn’t hit the bullseye first time, we can’t hit it a second time,” Hallmark said.

[Source: Autocar]