JFK Jr’s Ford Thunberbird Turbo Coupe Sells for Chump Change at Auction

JFK Jr’s Ford Thunberbird Turbo Coupe Sells for Chump Change at Auction

If you’re a child of the ’80s then you probably lusted after the Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe at some point. This 9th-generation model of the Thunderbird was the only one to ever be offered with a turbo-charged motor and was even offered with a manual gearbox.

While most American coupe’s from that era sported a V6 or a V8 motor, the Thunderbird came with a 190-hp, 4-cylinder, turbo charged motor, which was well ahead of its time. While a V6 was also offered, it’s the Turbo Coupe model that collectors look for these days, and one such car just went on sale at the Auctions America event on May 14th.

This was not any ordinary old Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, however; this rare 5-speed manual version was once owned by John F. Kennedy Jr. Looking at the pictures, this example seems to have been in a time warp, looking exceptionally clean and fresh for a car of this era.

Despite its American royalty connection, the car was sold for just $4,900. That is a great deal for a good, clean example, and the celebrity connection makes it all the more desirable. The new owner got one amazing deal.

[Source: Auctions America]

  • nick

    Wow! a good price for a great car. I own an 88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe and you cant beat the luxury, performance and economy (30 MPG) of these cars. I still drive mine and it is running great and looking good.

  • Tom

    Actually 5-speed Turbo Coupes are not rare, the manual was the std trans, automatic was optional… With the automatic, HP was downgraded to 150Hp, so probably 75-80% of the buyers bought the 5-speed… Plus they are far more fun to drive…

    Still it’s a notable car, same color as my first, also a 5-speed…