Kia Optima Hybrid Prices Revealed, Starts At $26,500

Kia Optima Hybrid Prices Revealed, Starts At $26,500

South Korean car firm Kia has been enjoying a lot of praise given to the styling of their new cars, especially the Optima sedan. Now the Optima Hybrid version is about to hit the market and we have learned it’s prices will start at $26,500.

That’s not all, because that price-tag does not include the $750 extra you’ll have to pay for the destination and handling. That means, this fuel-sipping sedan is not cheap, and crucially, it is $705 dearer than the similar Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.

Kia says the reason the Optima Hybrid is more expensive is because it comes with more standard equipment, like a reversing camera, a rear spoiler, auto-down front windows, a cooling box, a compass and “Uvo”, which is their latest infotainment system.

Expect this model to hit the showrooms very soon.

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  • Ray

    For $26 500 the Kia Optima is a bargain. I have yet to find another 4 door like the Optima for the same price that has the same features.

    The Optima will be one of many Kia vehicles to give a positive look on the brand, not everyone is a fan of Kia but this could be Kia’s year to shine.