KTM Improves On Original X-Bow With New X-Bow R

KTM Improves On Original X-Bow With New X-Bow R

KTM has expanded their X-Bow line of models by adding the newly released X-Bow R alongside their current X-Bow Clubsport and X-Bow Street models. KTM describes the X-Bow R as a result of “further development” of their sports car, outfitting it with an Audi-sourced 2.0L TFSI power plant that pushes out 300-hp and 295 ft-lbs of torque – a drastic increase from the X-Bow’s 237-hp.

The X-Bow R doesn’t just see improvements in the powertrain department. Further improvements have been made all around to support the new motor and its increased performance. In addition, the Audi 2.0L TFSI receives several enhancements to bring horsepower to 300-hp compared to the 272-hp in standard trim. KTM outfits it with a bigger turbo and upgrades the fuel system and ECU accordingly.

So for those with $83,000 lying around, the X-Bow R will get you a carbon fiber racing monococque, a mechanical limited slip differential, aluminum rear diffuser, adjustable pedals, adjustable and removal steering wheel, sport suspension (with both rebound and compression damping adjustability), keyless go system, painted rims, 4-point harness and paint work unique to the R model.


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