Lewis Hamilton Apologizes for Implying F1 Stewards are Racist

Lewis Hamilton Apologizes for Implying F1 Stewards are Racist

Formula One Driver Lewis Hamilton, who finished sixth in the chaotic Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday has apologized to the FIA Stewards for his controversial remarks. After being punished three times in two days, Lewis criticized the stewards in a BBC interview. He also made a reference to Ali G, the comedy character created by Sascha Baron Cohen. Lewis said the way he had been treated this season was “an absolute frickin’ joke” and described his treatment as “stupid”. Asked why that was the case, Hamilton said: “Maybe it’s because I’m black! That’s what (British comic character) Ali G says.”

During the early part of the race, Hamilton was given a ‘drive-through’ penalty for a brush with Brazilian Felipe Massa of Ferrari. He was then called in again by the stewards after a late clash with Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado of Williams, as he passed him at the tail end of the race for which he received a 20 sec penalty which did not affect his final placing. Hamilton said he felt he had done nothing wrong in both cases.

Hamilton said that he felt victimized by events at recent races, complaining that he had done his best to provide entertainment by going for over-taking opportunities. “People want to see racing,” he said.

[Source: Autoweek]


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