Lexus Re-Creates Champagne Glass Stunt 21 Years Later [Video]

Lexus Re-Creates Champagne Glass Stunt 21 Years Later [Video]

To launch Toyota’s luxury brand in America, Lexus‘ brilliant marketing team made a now infamous commercial with an LS400, a dyno and a fine collection of champagne glasses. Over two decades later, an avid Lexus enthusiast tried to reenact the ad with his own LS460. Unfortunately his video had some very different results with the champagne glasses tumbling freely and shattering on the ground.

Now most companies wouldn’t even have been aware of such a stunt by one of their customers, but Lexus is on top of what’s going on online, especially if it might adversely affect the brand. So the automaker responded by pulling in their own 2011 Lexus LS460 (as well as a 1990 Lexus LS400), stacked up the champagne glasses, fired up the amateur video camera and proved to the world it can be done… it just has to be done right.

The key for it to work correctly is to ensure that the glasses are leveled when placed on the hood. Both vehicles were revved at a standstill to over 4000 rpm, and both vehicles were left unscathed as the glasses didn’t budge. Kudos to Lexus for engaging its customers in a casual fashion – proving it wasn’t some big dollar production.

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  • Ray

    The quality put into Lexus is amazing. I’m a proud owner of a 1995 Lexus SC400 and there’s not much other cars from it’s time that still run as strong as it does till this day. I could put a coin standing up on top my engine, rev it to 3-4K and that coin won’t fall down!

    There’s a reason why you see so much old Lexus’s on the road that have hundreds of thousands of miles/km’s on them and are still going strong.