Lightning McQueen Earbuds Cute And Affordable

Lightning McQueen Earbuds Cute And Affordable

Another day, another themed product push from Disney. With the release of Cars 2 just around the corner (June 24), Disney is pumping out the licensed products just as fast as we can buy them up. And today, it’s a cool set of earbuds we wouldn’t mind getting our hands on.

Super cute and cleverly designed, these earbuds come out of Lightning McQueen’s retracting front wheels, while the headphone jack can be found in the gas pump in the rear. And they’re affordable too. For just $11.99, you can pick up a pair for the kids and for yourself. Toys R Us is selling the Lightning McQueen earbuds, so race on over to the site to order yours.

[Source: OhGizmo!]


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