Lincoln Mulling Performance Models to Rival Cadillac V-Series

Lincoln Mulling Performance Models to Rival Cadillac V-Series

Every true luxury marque has a performance sub-brand, usually indicated by one, or a group of letters. BMW has its M, Audi its RS and Mercedes its AMG. But what about Lincoln? Nothin’, nada, zilch.

That, however, may change with rumors that the Ford division is considering a performance line to help establish itself as a top tier luxury brand and to inject some interest into what in recent memory have just become reworked Blue Oval models.

The news comes not long after Lincoln poached the top vehicle designer from Cadillac, which back in 2004 launched its V-Series of performance models. Since the original CTS-V debuted, it has helped Cadillac rebrand itself. The luxury marque has made motorsports an integral part of its brand message and has found success in the World Challenge series, while building cars like the most recent CTS-V that surpassed even the best from Germany.

Will Lincoln copy Caddy and get it’s own V?

[Source: Car & Driver]

  • Sal Collaziano

    No. Not any time soon. This is made-up.


  • Sal Collaziano

    Sure, somebody at Ford is probably “considering”it – but I bet somebody is also considering a new Town Car replacement that rivals the Rolls Royce Phantom. There are a lot of things being considered but I seriously doubt we’ll see any high performance (V-Series type) vehicles coming from Lincoln any time soon…


  • Kevin

    They were close with the LS 10 years ago. Improper homework and early models gave the car a bad name, the last ones were great, and still turn heads. Only thing it lacked was enough motor and brakes to make it a serious contender in the performance market. Sticks to curves like glue.
    Bring it back, make it 5% larger, and put a motor in the car, 5 liter, supercharged, I don’t care… just don’t go wimpy-eco-happy-BS and put the ECO-Boost 4 banger in it. Hang a set of nuts on that car, and you have a winner for the M3 or C32 type crowd.

  • Henry Leland’s Ghost

    It takes more than a well-placed, soul-stirring, provcative alphanumeric chracter glued to the ass of a durable good to get me to want to fork over $79,995.

    Cadillac was able to crash the party with a 569 HP manual transmission monster that turned tricks on the Nurburgring. Bravo.

    Lincoln should spend $1 Bil to define a new category of buyer – like spending $1 Bil to dominate NASCAR and the NFL – with a ground up new transportation appliance that doesn’t rely on touch screen gimmicks from Samsung.