Maoists Disrupt Honda Sales In Nepal

Maoists Disrupt Honda Sales In Nepal

Nepal has been under the rule of the Communist Maoist party for 10 years now, and the party tightly controls the amounts of imports that the country receives. Now, a trade group associated with the party has stopped the influx of Honda vehicles into the country, in an attempt to get Honda’s Nepal dealer to keep the jobs of nine people.

Syakar Company Ltd is the sole distributor of Hondas in Nepal, and came under fire from the trade group when it began evaluating nine trainees that had completed their apprenticeship with the company. The trade group claimed that Syakar was attempting to fire them all, even though the company eventually hired them. Still, the trade group shut down all business from last Thursday, and no Hondas have been sold since.

Nepal’s government is on the verge of collapsing, and the Maoists have been asked to disband their army that they used to seize power 10 years ago. The opposition party is currently asking prime minister Jhala Nath Khanal to step down.


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