Mazda Not Working On RX-9, RX-7 Rebirth A Possibility

Mazda Not Working On RX-9, RX-7 Rebirth A Possibility

Bad news for Mazda rotary engine enthusiasts – the company has no plans to build the RX-9 hybrid sports car, contrary to recent rumors. Even worse, minimal sales of the RX8 may jeopardize the Mazda rotary engine all together.

Production of the Mazda RX-8 is drawing to a close, with U.S sales of just 291 units from January to April of this year. With production halting on the RX-8, there won’t be a Mazda vehicle to utilize the Wankel 1.3-liter engine. However there is discussion of reviving the RX-7 as a replacement. There is no official go ahead with the RX-7, however it would most likely utilize the next-generation MX-5 platform.

The death of the RX-8 is sad, most notably for its stellar chassis and steering, however issues like horrible fuel consumption, burning oil and a lack of torque were always sore points.

[Source: Car and Driver]

  • Ron

    I loved my RX-7 and would love to see it revived!

  • VAXHeadroom

    How is 22MPG “horrible” gas consumption? And 1qt of oil every 1000 miles is hardly problematic fuel consumption. And this is a 1988 convertible with 180K miles!!

  • zac

    seriously, they need the rx7 back! so many people miss it. cant beat that rotary scream.

  • robert

    I fear for the future of my favorite engine of all time 🙁