Mitsubishi Evo X Tribute Video

Mitsubishi Evo X Tribute Video

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The Mitsubishi Evo is dead… or is it? Rumored to have been axed by product planners, Evo fanboys and car enthusiasts everywhere were ready to pour out a gallon of 100 octane on the track in remembrance, but then company CEO Osamu Masuko spoke up. The Evo isn’t dead, he said, but is, much like Mitsubishi itself, at a crossroads. It won’t disappear he insisted, but instead will “evolve”; possibly signifying a less noble death for the hard-core driving enthusiast car.

When we first heard the news of the Evo’s demise, it just so happened that we had a new 2011 MR version of the car in the AutoGuide garage. Fearing the worst for our beloved Evo we set about making a video tribute to a car just as a serious winter storm closed in. As it turned out, that made for a pretty incredible setting for an incredible AWD machine.

See for yourself and be sure to leave us your comments. Plus, check out all of the AutoGuide videos at our YouTube channel here.

  • Ryan

    emotion invoking. On one side i wished there had been exhaust note and engine revs included, but i can appreciate why they were not. The Evo is a legacy that mitsubishi would be unwise to kill off. In a few years, they can reboot the eclipse with a 2.0L, and make it sub 3000 lbs…get back to what made them sell like hot cakes.